Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life of Lydie?

Life of Lydie is a comic book series about a girl entering middle school named Lydie. The upcoming book, Cancel my Bully Subscription, raises awareness of bullying while empowering children in school who are faced with mistreatment. The goal is to encourage friendship, cooperation, and confidence to create a better social environment.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is an ongoing abusive behavior against one’s peers. The bully (or bullies) may control or intimidate an individual with physical, verbal or relational threats. Over time, this negativity can leave lasting emotional damage.

Who is Life of Lydie for?

Life of Lydie is intended for children that are about to enter middle school where bullying becomes more prevalent. However, we hope that people of all ages will grow to love Lydie, as well as learn with her as she confronts bullies, builds confidence, and makes friends.

Why make a Comic Book?

Comics are a great way to communicate ideas and tell stories. Children from a young age are drawn to visual story-telling, and many of the characters become role models to try and live up to. So why not take advantage of that to talk about anti-bullying? There aren’t enough comics that touch on the subject in depth, so Cancel my Bully Subscription aspires to help fill that void.

When is Life of Lydie: Cancel my Bully Subscription coming out?

Our current priority is to fine tune the website, as well as prepare the book for digital distribution. More details will become available within the next few months.

Where can I purchase Life of Lydie?

Life of Lydie books will be available for purchase digitally through the "comics" page on the website. The books will also become available through some digital book vendors (ie. kindle, comiXology).

I don't want to wait! Where can I read Life of Lydie right right now?!

Well you are in luck! The 2012 pilot issue, Bully Blues, is available right now on the "comics" page for FREE. That's right, no charge.

Will Life of Lydie ever become available in print?

We would love to someday, but there are no current plans to print books. Keep an eye out for information about a print release.

How can I support Life of Lydie?

To support Life of Lydie, please spread the word, donate, buy the book for yourself, or for someone you know that suffers from bullying.

Will we see more Life of Lydie books in the future?

We would love to continue the series! With enough support, we hope to release more Life of Lydie books in the future. There are plenty of stories that we want to tell, such as peer pressure, cyber bullying, and teamwork. We also want to create an occasional light hearted story as well.

How can I contact George Rottkamp about Life of Lydie?

For any questions, comments, or proposals, please fill out the form on the "Contact" page, or use any of the methods listed below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Twitter: @georgerottkamp