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Life of Lydie: Cancel my Bully Subscription (Issue #2)
When Lydie entered Middle School, she hoped to fit in and make new friends. Unfortunately, the transition wasn’t as smooth as she expected. Bullies of all shapes and sizes prey upon the weak, and Lydie is at the bottom of the food chain. Follow Lydie’s adventures as she confronts bullies, builds confidence, and forges strong bonds with unexpected individuals in an effort to cancel her bully subscription.


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- 44 page illustrated story

- Extra content including information about bullying, possible solutions and discussion questions.


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Life of Lydie: Bully Blues (Issue #1)
As the new girl in town, Lydie is excited about the first day of middle school. While playing a video game on the bus, a bully named Duff attacks and steals it from her. Unsure of how to defend herself, will anyone come to Lydie's rescue?


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- DRM Free PDF

- 24 page illustrated story

- Extra content including information about bullying and possible solutions.


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