About Life of Lydie
Life of Lydie is a comic book series about a girl entering middle school named Lydie. The upcoming book, Cancel my Bully Subscription, raises awareness of bullying while empowering children in school who are faced with mistreatment. The goal is to encourage friendship, cooperation, and confidence to create a better social environment.

What is Bullying?
Bullying is an ongoing abusive behavior against one’s peers. The bully (or bullies) may control or intimidate an individual with physical, verbal or relational threats. Over time, this negativity can leave lasting emotional damage. Bullying is pathetic, and no one should have to endure it.

Bullying is a problem for kids in many schools, and is not specific to any social group. Some incidents go unreported because the victim fears further mistreatment. Even bystanders who witness the event may encourage the bully, or not do anything at all. With so much pressure on those involved, how can this behavior be reduced?

Provide Helpful Resources
For such a widespread problem, it is up to us to help by any means necessary. We may not solve the problem completely, but by having anti-bullying resources available in all different mediums we will reinforce good behavior. With your support, Cancel my Bully Subscription can rise to the task as an anti-bullying tool within the comic book medium.
Why Make a Comic Book?
Comics are a great way to communicate ideas and tell stories. Children from a young age are drawn to visual story-telling, and many of the characters become role models to try and live up to. So why not take advantage of that to talk about anti-bullying? There aren’t enough comics that touch on the subject in depth, so Cancel my Bully Subscription aspires to help fill that void.

About George

About the Author
George Rottkamp is an illustrator and graphic designer on Long Island. George was bullied for a brief period in middle school. Kids on the bus antagonized him by throwing cereal, telling disgusting stories, and even shoving him in between the seats while pressing his backpack against his face. The experience was enough for him to realize how awful it makes people feel, and how no one should experience it.

To find out more about George Rottkamp, check out his personal web site at georgerottkamp.com